More to come

I found out recently, over the last 2 weeks that even though there is no trace of cancer left, I will still need to undergo 6 more months of chemo. The treatments will be 2 days every 2 weeks for a total of 12 more treatments, or 24 if you count each day as a separate treatment. They are actually part of the same treatment, as I will be getting FOLFOX, if anyone is interested in looking it up. There are different drugs that are administered with it, and looking it up would be easier than me trying to explain it. Not sure when I will be starting that yet, although I expect to find out on the 24th. These treatments will be more involved than the ones I had previously, which to me seems kind of backwards. From my understanding they have found that the survival rate increases by doing this with people that have/had colo-rectal cancer. The bright side is that if I start in the beginning of February, I might actually be able to have a birthday this year. I have not been able to celebrate a birthday now for years, with something always interfering. For the longest time it was Reserves that would crop up. When I retired last year, I figured 2012 would be the year of the birthday…i was wrong, as I had a clear liquid diet (no alcohol, or food of any type) and got diagnosed with cancer for my birthday. What a deal LOL. 50 just has to be better…lol.

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  1. Kathy Westmiller says:

    Hi Eric,

    Just want to let you know that I went through similar
    treatment when I was dealing with leukemia. After I
    was in remmission I was sent home for two weeks and then went back in the hospital for treatment at that time was called “consolidation”. Think of it as added
    At the time I was hospitalized a young girl was admitted with the same type of leukemia that I had….it was very strange that that would ever happen. Anyway, she too went in remmission, was sent home like I was for two weeks but she decided she was fine and never returned for the added treatment….needless to say she didn’t make it.
    So, the moral of my story is while it might be living
    hell for you it will be worth it…..28 years later I am living proof!
    You are in my prayers,
    P.S. I will still beat your ass at word!!

  2. Cousin Barb says:

    Glad to hear u are doing well Eric. I think of you often. I am in total agreement with the treatment you will be getting. Please keep me posted on your progress and feel free to call me anytime.

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