The purpose of this is to keep my Family and Friends informed of things that are going on. With my recent diagnosis of Colon Cancer, I know people want to be updated. This blog will be an attempt to make sure that everyone has all the information as I know it. In this manner I can make sure that everyone gets the same information, without relying on my memory each time I write or talk to someone.


Expect the appearance to change with this blog as I learn more about WordPress and how to bend it to my will 🙂

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  1. Arline Burke says:

    Great idea – take care – assuming you finally got hold of your Dad – although I was good & didn’t pass on any of the info from last weekend to anyone – not even my kids!! Will make sure they got info on the blog – we are going back to Akron to see Don & Eileen on Sunday & staying over night with them – abit of a party at the trailor sunday night so should be fun. Will keep them informed – they do have a computer down in Florida & are leaving the 10th to go back – they don’t do the facebook thing but will keep them posted.

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