Back to work!

Finally, I will be going back to work tomorrow. This will be good as I am going stir crazy at home. I have gotten some things done though, so it is not a total waste of time.

I start my second round of chemo on the 4th of February. This should be interesting, as the drugs I will be getting cause a severe sensitivity to cold. My understanding from people that have had these same drugs, is that I won’t even be able to reach into the refrigerator without gloves on, nor will I be able to drink/eat anything cold really. Though not physically harmful, the sensation has been described to me as one of “swallowing razor blades” should I decide to do it anyway. I think I’ll pass and just stick with room temperature and warmer stuff for these next 6 months. February still being a cold month, I expect this to get very interesting to say the least. I am breaking out all the cold weather stuff I have from the military, so at least I will stay warm!

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  1. Arline Burke says:

    Well you wouldn’t want to be up here – at least today its in the twenties, this single digit & teens is just way too cold-had about 3 inches of snow last nite but we really haven’t had any big storms-YET!
    Keep warm & hang in there!

    • Eric says:

      I don’t miss the snow! 3 inches of it here and it means everything gets shut down. We have seen the cold temps though in the single digits. Staying as warm as I can 🙂

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