The End of the Journey?

It has been forever since I posted an update. There really has not been too much news on this front, since the chemo ended. Last week I had a new CAT scan, and today I met with my Oncologist for the usual monthly appointment. The results of the scan were normal, and there remains absolutely no sign of metastatic disease present either in that scan or the monthly blood tests. My Aortic Aneurysm does keep growing, and has grown by .1 cm since the scan last September. At this point it is nothing to worry about, and it is just to be monitored, which will pretty much mean a CAT scan every 6 months or so. The size is only 3.7 cm, and is not considered a danger or operative until it hits 5 cm according to the vascular surgeon. The Oncologist continues to believe that the cancer will not return, especially due to the chemo treatments after the surgery. I have a surgical consult on Thursday morning to get the port removed, and at that point will actually schedule the surgery itself. The site of the port is swollen some, so that will determine how quickly the actual surgery will need to be scheduled. I believe the swelling to be nothing, as does the Oncologist, though we will both let the surgeon tell me since it is his field of expertise, not mine or his. Once the port gets removed, I will just have to see the Oncologist every 3 months, instead of the every month that it has been. All in all has been a ride, and not one I want to repeat. 🙂

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