Second Treatments Started

The first treatment of this second round is completed. It is a lot more intense than the first round was IMO, but nothing that can’t be conquered. These treatments are 2 days every 2 weeks. The first day consists of 5 bags of fluids, the first 2 are¬†medicine to offset the side effect of nausea, the next 2 are given at the same time,¬†1 in the arm and 1 in the port, of Eloxatin and Fusilev. The last bag is 5FU, not sure how to spell it out right now or I would. The second day is 4 bags, mostly the same, minus the Eloxatin which is only given day 1 of each 2 day treatment. It looks like these will go until mid July, as there are 12 treatments total. There are 12 days between each treatment cycle.

At this point the only side effect I seem to have is a sensitivity to cold. This is expected to last about 5 days after treatment, and such a wonderful time of year for that to happen..LOL.

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