Well, have been home since Monday night now. Everything is going as it should, near as I can tell. I go in on Tuesday to get the staples out, which will be good. There is very little pain, actually more like discomfort from time to time, so that is excellent. Out of 40 percocets prescribed for pain, I have only taken 2 total. One of the things that happened over the last few years, is that my mind had a hard time concentrating on things at times, and I was really tired all of the time. I just chalked it up to stress and who knows what else, maybe a little bit if depression. This, in actuality, started when I got back from Iraq. I was irritable, and just in general out of sorts in my mind. Knowing what I know now about cancer symptoms, I can’t help but think this has been going on the whole damn time. Each one of those items are listed as symptoms, although individually they do not seem like anything closely related. Another thing that I have learned through this, is that Colon Cancer and Breast Cancer are related cancers, both sharing the same makeup, unlike lung cancer, which is a bit different.

My point is that everyone should get checked, men and women, and stay on the recommended schedule which I think is once every 5 years after 40. Cancer is no stranger to our family as we know, so lets just kick its ass 🙂

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  1. Justin Burke says:

    Amen brother!!

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