This will be a long post, but I don’t want to leave out anything. Finally got released from the hospital yesterday afternoon. Not bad really, since that is only 5 days from the surgery. One of the items we were waiting on was the pathology report from the lymph system. It is common with cancer to remove lymph nodes from the surrounding area, as if the cancer spreads into that, it changes the nature and seriousness of the disease. On Sunday, the report came back, and the surgeon was happy to tell me that out of 10 lymph nodes sent in from the surrounding tissue, they all came back negative. ย Basically, they got all of it during the surgery, and there is no evidence at this time that any cancer remains in my body. Basically, from my understanding of it all, I am cancer free at this time. On Saturday, I had gotten moved from only ice chips to popsicles for a diet, and believe me..having nothing but ice chips for days makes popsicles seem like a feast, Finally something with flavor LOL. On Sunday also, besides the best news ever, I was moved to a full liquid diet, so I was actually able to have broth, jello and juice. Doesn’t seem like a big deal….but when you haven’t eaten anything with flavor for days, well, it makes all the difference. On Monday, right at lunch time the surgeon came in to talk to to me. I was just eating actually, and he asked if I was hungry, then laughed a bit. He ordered me a second tray of food, advancing the diet to puddings and more solid, yet soft, foods. At that time he also told me he was going to get me released since everything was going so good.

All in all right now things are good. Yesterday was a really long day, and I ma just glad to be home. I have to go in next week for a follow up, date and time to be sorted out this morning sometime. He will remove the staples then, and we will see what the next stage brings. Right now I am relaxed and pain free, although I do have oxycodone in case I need it.

I just can’t say how good it feels after all this, to be considered cancer free. This current battle is almost done, and there is no doubt I am winning this one.

Have an awesome Tuesday to anyone who reads this ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Arline Burke says:

    Such great news!!!!!! Hope you have been getting my comments that I sent. Crazy Christmas crap here-next year I’m running away in December!!! Love You!!

  2. Tina says:

    Such excellent news. I am really happy for you, and hope things continue to progress so positively.

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