Day 2

This is day 2 after the surgery. 48 hours ago I was just getting ready to go in. Things have been progressing along, with yesterday alone huge strides made. They pulled my catheter yesterday, so I can now pee like a normal person. I have started to pass gas, which is the first sign the bowels are beginning to work again. According to the surgeon, I need to be up and walking 3-4 times a day, so I am doing that. Not far walks mind you, but something. He says people that walk heal faster after this type of surgery, and I am game for anything that speeds up the healing.

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  1. Arline Burke says:

    So glad everything went so well-was just going to send you a message about whats happening & thought I better check your blog first and glad I did. Best Christmas present for all of us – lots of hugs & love to you! XXXOOO

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