Photo Gallery


Here is where you will find different pictures taken by myself. Note that I am not a professional photographer, so please keep that in mind when viewing the pictures.



Monterey - Pictures taken at Monterey California

San Francisco - Some pictures taken in San Francisco

Cabin Party 2002 - Some pictures taken when we showed up unexpectedly at the party, and then some from the after party. A couple photos were removed as they would have been VERY incriminating to a certain party that likes to lose ties ;)

Camping at Big Basin - Some pictures taken while camping June 16-18 2006

Camping 2008 - Pictures of the 2008 Camping Trip.

Page Museum - Pictures taken at the Page Museum. The Page Museum is located at the LaBrea Tar Pits.

Qatar - Pictures taken while on 4 days of R&R from Iraq in 2005. They sent us to Qatar to relax.


More pictures are in the process of being placed here constantly. It is just taking some time to get them all organized :)
As well, I will be working on the albums to get them all with a consistent theme. Please forgive my mess.

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